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[Yoga practice] becomes firmly grounded when done intensively, properly and continuously over a long period.

Patañjali, Yoga Sūtra, I.14.

wide legged forward bend yoga pose arm balance yoga posetwisted seated forward bend yoga pose

Courses for 2018 will begin week starting 5th March.

Please join the mailing list if you’d like updates closer to the time.

The first retreat for 2018 is at Easter (5 days). Bookings can be secured in advance by contacting Clearview Retreat (03 57970229).

(New students may join at any point in a term for the remainder of the term. Email us to inquire.)

Trial Class (2 hrs): $20 / 15 c.



Classes are held at 1/167 Flinders Lane, in the studio of Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne.
Please enter through the glass doors at ground level at least 5 minutes before class start time. If another class is still in progress please wait quietly in the stairwell. The studio is 7 minutes easy walk from Flinders Street Station. There is some city parking available.




“Antonia’s passion for precision, genuine care and mutual respect in the yoga studio make her a remarkable teacher. As someone who is new to yoga, I have been impressed by Antonia’s ability to teach students how to listen to their own individual bodies. In this way I can practice confidently around my injuries and truly enjoy both the rigour and the relaxation that Vijnana has to offer. Antonia creates a class environment of warmth and openness with her own humble attitude to learning and her calm and strong practice. I find Vijnana to be a quietly intelligent style of yoga whose complexity and wisdom are delivered with great justice by Antonia’s approach as a studious and inspiring teacher.”

(Serah, beginner student)