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Retreats & Intensives

Retreats flower blossoms on tree at Clearview Retreat

Retreats are held regularly throughout the year, usually around public holidays. Retreats run for between two and five days, and are held at Clearview Retreat, which is 90 minutes from Melbourne, off the Hume Highway, just past Strath Creek, in the King Parrot Valley, with views to Mt Bulla.

  • August Retreat (2 days)
  • November Special Relaxation Retreat (3 days)

For the full 2017 schedule of retreats, please visit the Clearview Website

Retreats offer students a way to consolidate their yoga and to clarify their intentions regarding practice, and more broadly. The structure of a retreat can enable considerable relaxation and recovery over a relatively short time frame. Retreats involve the four aspects of yoga practice – sitting, pranayama, asana, and study/inquiry.

The combination of simple food, clean air, a kind and safe environment and a consistent schedule is a way to find one’s personal direction and rhythm again, as well as building commitment to yoga practice.

They can interrupt cycles of adrenaline exhaustion, introduce sustainable patterns, and provide the space to invite new feelings and perspectives.

Prices include all tuition, vegetarian food and accommodation. Car pooling is often arranged, to reduce the environmental impact of travel and to assist those needing transport.


Intensives encourage students to develop their tenacity and to deepen their commitment to practice and general understanding of yoga. Classes are suitable for general attendance, and may involve longer meditation and relaxation sessions, some study of texts and chanting, workshop-style asana classes, where students can work on new poses, as well as time for discussion and sharing.



The intensive encourages you to commit and follow through. When you enrol, state the classes that you intend to attend, and check the fees on the scale below. (The more classes, the better the value.) Whether it’s two classes or all eight, it’s about strengthening your capacity for clear intention — something which flows into other areas of life.


  • Mondays 4 | 11 | 18 December — 7.30pm (2hrs)
  • Thursdays 7 | 14 | 21 December — 7.30pm (2hrs)
  • Saturdays 9 & 16 December — 10.15am (2hrs)
= 8 classes in total & 16 hours of practising

Full Intensive (8 classes): $ 155 / 145c
7 classes: $137 / 130c
6 classes: $ 120 / 114c
5 classes: $ 105 / 100c
4 classes: $ 90 / 87c
1-3 classes: $25 each session


Email us to enroll or inquire.



photo of yoga group on retreat